Wednesday, 12 June 2019



                                    The Book Group


I liked this book, the dog was cute,

                             I liked the cat

And we lived in a house like that –

Now my first  house had three small floors –

Mine must have been a lot like yours –

We spent three years in Wycombe town

And then came here and settled down –

Come on, look, we really should

                                discuss the book!


I`ve loved this author for so long

And so for me she can`t do wrong,

Did you hear her speak last May

At the  festival in Hay?

It`s got so crowded on the train

I don`t think I`ll go there again,

And have you seen the ticket charge?

Why is it that it`s grown so large?

Come on, look, could you please discuss

                                                   The book?


I didn`t like this book,its plot

Meandered on and on a lot –

I couldn`t finish,usually can –

I didn`t like the central man.

I only got to chapter three –

It didn`t do a thing for me –

Oh, then maybe, let`s not discuss this book!


It`s most interesting where it`s set

And I`ve been there, you can get

A discount flight with Easy Jet.

We take care to always take the train,

But go in June to miss the rain.

I`ve  not been there, I`ll go someday,

My villa is not far away –

Watch the clock, we`re off the hook,

There`s no more time to-


                                  the book!






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